Aimee Petkus

Fascinated by the creative intricacy of the soil beneath us and developing the idea of cleverly interweaving natural elements around the body, Aimee Petkus’ contemporary collection features 3-dimensional ready-to-wear jewelry that serve as a distinct link between art and science.

Photographers: Brittney O'Dell, Aimee Petkus

12 thoughts on “Aimee Petkus

  1. Awesome and unique pieces. Jessica Lauren, you have quite a distinct fashion palette. You always leave me curious to your interior design ideas. It must be equally divine, right?


  2. The designer is trying too hard. Final outcome looks too rough and serrated and I fail to see anything poetic or fluid in the shape of the lines. There is a simplicity and elegance to nature that isn’t captured here.


  3. The extraordinarily skillful combinations of colors, and balance of shapes, is brilliance! It is reminiscent of a true independent fashion sensibility – in the best possible way…


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